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Why Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing

Posted on: August 15th, 2016 by empowermedia No Comments

With more than 2 billion active social media accounts in the rapidly evolving digital age of communication business cannot afford to ignore social media. Many businesses who already integrated social media in their marketing strategy recognized several advantages from their social media presence.


Take control

Even if your business still doesn’t have an official social media presence chances are your business already exists on social media. How is that possible you wander? Well, it is simple. Social media is social. The core of social media are conversations. People discuss all sorts of things. Think of social media channels as local pubs where friends gather and talk about their interests, jobs, finances, favorite places and whatever comes to their minds. And just as in an offline conversation they will talk about your brand online as well. And online social media made it easier and faster to exchange information than ever before. This is why you cannot afford to ignore it or be an observer anymore. You need to take control and make yourself active in those conversations. Before Internet and social media, you could probably ignore the unsatisfied customers. They would complain and talk about it with their friend and family. If you are a big brand the effect of the friend and family circle could be irrelevant. But you cannot ignore them anymore. Now days it is not just friends and family. It will most certainly reach friends and family of their friends and family and beyond in a matter of hours. That’s how big and fast social media is. You need to react as fast if you want to keep it under control.


Get directions

Social media opens you the door to bunch of metrics you can use to understand your clients and turn your prospects into regular clients. All you need to do is listen. Contrary to offline marketing strategies where you can only push your message through TV, radio, billboards and other traditional media channels, social media gives your audience a voice. They can express their opinions by commenting, liking, sharing, reposting or blogging about your products. You can track all of that, measure the results and change your marketing strategy on daily bases if necessary, to fit your target audience needs and desires. And changing your strategy in digital marketing is cost effective. Just think about how much time and money would it cost you to redesign, print and position a new billboard.

Build brand awareness

With a unique and relevant content, you can build an image of your brand and control its reputation. That is if you know your audience, their needs and patterns of behavior. If you want your content to stick out from the crowed social media lets you offer your audience to feel special. Give them special offers, promotions, when they need them. It is equally important to know where your audience expect you and in which way. Social media will show you who the influencers are and make it easy to connect with them. For example, popular bloggers in your niche can be your brand ambassadors. Offer them to be the first to try your new product and they will write about it in exchange.