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Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

Posted on: August 27th, 2016 by empowermedia No Comments

If you own a restaurant or a bar, chances are that your venue is already on social media even if you did not officially presented it there. People are commenting about your menu on Facebook, discussing your service on Twitter, rating you on TripAdvisor. And you must have noticed that Instagram is all about #foodporn. You have no choice but to take control over your social media presence and make it work for your business. You need only 3 Cs to make this happen.



Social media gives you an opportunity to hear what your customers think and feel about your restaurant. And not only that you can hear them, but you can also ask them. Let them know you are listening by involving in conversation. Provoke their engagement with interesting and relevant content. Because “Content is king.”.


The key to engagement is relevant and interesting content. You are listening and you know what content is relevant to your customers. In order to make your content interesting you will need to keep up with social media trends. No matter how you personally feel about Snapchat for example, if your customers are teenagers then this is the most important social media presence for your restaurant. And since you do not understand the network you better find an expert to deal with your content.


Now that you are telling your story from your customer’s perspective make sure you are consistent. Choose your communication channels according to your marketing needs and make sure your story is the same everywhere.