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Social Media Marketing for Realtors Real Estate Agents

Posted on: August 23rd, 2016 by empowermedia No Comments

You are a real estate agent and not using social media? Aren’t realtors marketing gurus of one-on-one sale? What if I told you that you can talk to your prospects before they even realize they want to invest in real estate, before they even start searching for the real estate agency. Social media gives you the opportunity to connect with your potential and existing clients before you even meet in person on a more personal level than ever before. This can be your most important channel of communication where you get to meet the needs and desires of your prospects and show your offers at the same time. However, social media marketing can be useful only if you know how to use it. Remember that it is not a TV or a billboard, but a two-way communication channel where you are supposed to make a conversation with your followers. It is all about them not you.

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Your reputation is what distinguishes you from other real estate agents. Position yourself as an expert by sharing relevant content in an attractive format on your Facebook page or Twitter account. By doing so you will make your followers interested and engaged. You just need to know their interests. For example, post about new events in the neighborhood or tap into a trending conversation within local community on Twitter. Make a YouTube video of the fastest way to get to the city center.


Social media is good for showing off. You just need to know the right ways to do it. All popular social media networks concentrate on photos. This gives you the opportunity to make a showroom for your clients. Just be careful not to overdo it. On Pinterest you can make boards of your most interesting apartments. Make sure you link those post to your website to drive traffic. Or use the Facebook Events to announce your next open house. Invite people to come and give them location details with a map and directions to the house. Make 360 video of the available properties. You can also showoff your expertise by offering advices and tips on buying and selling properties.


Another good thing about using social media is networking. Social media is all about being social. Besides your own accounts make yourself visible through social groups. There are so many Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn groups relevant to real estate you can join. This is where you find prospect clients, but equally important connect with other real estate agents and learn from them.

House market is getting over saturated. Make a difference and connect with your clients where they are most comfortable.