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Social Media Marketing For Architects

Posted on: August 18th, 2016 by empowermedia No Comments

Architects can benefit from social media on many levels. Social media platforms are well suited for visual, technical and intellectual sharing, which makes it easy for architects to build their brand, connect with others who share their passion and bring leads, just like any other business.

Most of the customers’ architects win are gained through referrals and repeat clients. It is your reputation that makes you successful. In this digital era of modern social networks, social media is the best tool to use word-of-mouth for your benefit.

branding for architects


Social media networks are especially handy when you want to research building materials, their performance and who else is using it and how. While you can find all the details on the materials on the manufacturer site it is as important for you to understand the users experience of the materials. The easiest way to find the answers and ask the specific questions is to join the conversations on specialized forums, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn groups. You can also follow relevant hashtags on Tweeter and even start a discussion by yourself. Or you can choose some of the dozens of online communities about architecture, design or constructions. Public opinion is important for your project? Social media gives you tools to conduct surveys easier and with meaningfully smaller budgets.

Personal Branding

Personal branding has important role in building a professional success for every architect. Communication can help build authority and impress your target audience. Being socially active member of an online community means that you will have your own opinion on the matter and will most likely want to express it. This gives you an opportunity to position yourself as an expert. Unique and relevant content is all you need.

Besides engaging in the existing conversations you can also express your opinion by writing a blog. Blog is a social media channel with a vade range of opportunities for architects. Blog is your house on the world wide web with your rules. Which means you get to pick the subjects to talk about and build your desired audience. You just need to know what kind of readers you want to attract. What are their needs, what kind of problems do you want to solve for them, what are the patterns of their online behavior? For example, if your main focus is interior design you might want to write about the suitable colors for bedroom, different types of roof windows and their benefits or give tips for redecorating kitchen.

No matter what kind of content you choose to present yourself with make sure you pick the right social networks to channel it. Facebook might be the most popular but have you thought about Instagram and its potentials for visual content? Or maybe you want to reach the housewives in which case your choice should be Pinterest.