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How To Build Instagram Followers Organically

Posted on: August 20th, 2016 by empowermedia No Comments

With 400 million monthly active users Instagram is a one of the most popular social network these days. It would be nice if your business could reach few thousands of those users on daily bases. And while you can always build your Instagram audience with targeted ads let’s see what strategies you can use to gain couple of thousands organically.


Like and comment

Take half an hour a day to search Instagram for photos and accounts in your target niche and like their photos. 5-10 liked photos will guaranty to bring their attention. What will make you stick out even more are comments. Genuine and sincere comments will get your name out and make people pay curious about your content.

Create a hashtag

Create a hashtag and encourage people to use it. First you need to make sure none else is using it. It has to be genuine and with a specific purpose. Once people start using the hashtag you can repost their photos with photo credits. It will show your followers that you appreciate and value their content.

Run a contest

If you offer a reward for those who use your hashtag it will increase the chances for a wide use. Competing is in people core nature and you should use it wisely.


As simple as it may sound people need to be reminded from time to time and are more likely to take an action if you ask them. Ask your followers on other networks to connect with you on Instagram, remind them to like your photo and encourage them to repost it if they like what they see. Call to action is sometimes all you need to inspire conversation.

Geotag photos

If the location is important for you, if you are a travel agency or a local restaurant don’t forget to add a location for your photo. This is another way to put your photos out to a targeted audience.